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Welcome to the website of Mannings (Asia) Consultants Ltd.

Mannings (Asia) Consultants Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary firm of Boltek Holdings Limited(HKEX Stock Code: 8601) engineering consultant in Hong Kong with a focus on the field of infrastructure developments. Since our establishment in 2005, we have accumulated our expertise in different branches of engineering, covering civil engineering mainly comprising road and structural engineering as well as geotechnical engineering; and traffic engineering. Our engineering consultancy services are widely required in various kinds of infrastructure developments.

Civil Engineering

In respect of our civil engineering services, we have been the engineering consultant for a variety of infrastructure works mainly including roads, bridges, noise barriers, barrier-free access facilities, slope improvement, foundation works, drainage and riverwalls.

Traffic engineering

Traffic engineering generally refers to the study, planning, design and maintenance of the traffic and transportation network. Our traffic engineering services comprise collection of traffic flow data, preparation of layout plan, detailed drawings for the design of roads and related road facilities and temporary traffic management schemes.

Other Ancillary Services

Other ancillary services which mainly comprised deployment of engineering and related staff to Government authority by recruiting, employing and remunerating appropriate individuals on contract basis; and advisory services on the implementation of contract administration procedures in infrastructure development project.