Mannings (Asia) Consultants Ltd

Structural Engineers for the GTS Building – Saudi Arabia

The proposed Goods Transfer Station(GTS) is part of the King Abdullah Financial District (KAFD) development and is designed to eliminate security threats similar to those in New York and London. The GTS Building has operational floor area of approx. 6000m2 and would be completely enclosed from outside environment. The substructure including the loading bay ,basement and mezzanine as well as the superstructure would be constructed mainly in reinforced concrete. To improve the aesthetic appearance of the GTS, the roof would be constructed adopting a steel truss frame system covered with a special triangular shape cladding. The external vertical wall would adopt modern vertical glass façade technology. The structural design of the GTS Building is largely based on Saudi Building Code- Structural Codes SBC 301 to SBC 306. Should there be a conflict of requirements exist among these codes, standards and specifications, the most stringent requirement shall govern the design. Wind loads are determined using Saudi Building Code-SBC 301, Chapters 6 and 7, using “ Method 2 – Analytical Procedure described in Section 7.2. The superstructure of the GTS Building consists of twelve circular rc column supporting the steel truss roof with cladding as well as the vertical facade. Computer program “SAFE” was adopted for two dimensional finite element analysis for the flat slab which is considered as a flexible plate elements. The columns were assumed as a cantilever from the ground floor level to resist the lateral shear and gravity load from the steel roof. Lateral stability was provided by means of a rigid column grid system that transferred all loads to the limestone bedrock. Plane steel truss frames will be adopted as the main support for the steel roof cladding. Primary truss with structural depth about 1.5m was adopted. Secondary truss at spacing 4.5m maximum centre to centre was provided in between the main truss. The supports on 12 nos. R.C. columns was assumed pin support hence providing the laterial stability of the Building. Circular hollow section is recommended instead of rectangular hollow section because it offers higher structural efficiency against biaxial bending and better detailing for irregular roof profile adopted in this project. Three-dimensional modules by computer program SAP 2000 was used for linear (or non-linear) analysis of the steel structures for the primary and combined load cases . Sufficient fire protection was provided in accordance with the requirement stated in Saudi Building Code – Fire Protection SB801. It was identified that the GTS building would be classified as moderate – hazard storage, Group S-1 in which 3 hours fire resisting period was required. Passive fire protection by use of intumescent paint to steel members would be adopted. It was further recommended that the application of intumescent paint shall be carried out in workshop to speed up the construction programme.

Disneyland International Theme Park, Toy Box Shop

This is a design and build project. We are the main designer undertaking the design of the toy box shop building, civil, structural, site formation, drainage and utilities including BD Submission of Foundation, Building and Drainage Plans with TCP Supervision. This project is under fast-track programme and we managed to complete the BD submission approval within 2 months for construction completion within 10 months including Occupation Permit.

True Light Middle School - Swimming Pool

The vision of this project is “Create”, “Sustain” & “Achieve”. We are the Consultant with a vision to create the swimming eminent team at the True Light Middle School, to design and refurbish the existing Swimming Pool with an addition cover and the associated viewing area and walkway together with renovation of existing washroom facilities. The proposed cover will have a pattern of discrete square architectural frame similar to the entrance steel features of the school. This cover will be comprised of transparent panel with light blue tone color and steel member with light weight cladding, to create the spacious environment inside the proposed covered swimming pool area. With our long-term commitment to sustain the development of the students, we will ensure that both the “hardware” – swim pool, cover, viewing area, washroom and the like and the “software” – experienced majestic trainers, systematic training schedule, project team high level involvement, etc will be implemented adequately to achieve the distinguished results in swimming. The elements to be built are foundation and steel member system to support the cover, architectural cladding for the steelwork, transparent panel, viewing area, walkway and ramp, refurbishment of swimming pool and washing facilities, improved swimming pool facilities such as heat pump, louver, sliding doors, windows, lighting, etc and associated swimming pool working equipments.

Po Leung Kuk HK Taoist Association Yuen Yuen Primary School - Swimming Pool

The Po Leung Kuk Hong Kong Taoist Association Yuen Yuen Primary School intends to carry out the construction of new swimming pool in the existing basketball court at G/F and to construct a new open basketball court on top of it with a covered link footbridge as a passage to adjacent existing building at 2/F at the Po Leung Kuk Hong Kong Taoist Association Yuen Yuen Primary School, Tuen Mun. Mannings (Asia) Consultants Ltd has been instructed to carry out a feasibility study of this proposal to conduct all necessary searching and to retrieve necessary information from the related government department, to provide comments and advice on the feasibility and necessary alteration in order to proceed with the proposed works and all necessary submissions for compliance with the Buildings Ordinance, government lease conditions, outline zoning plan and allied statutory requirements as applicable, to list out all the considerations in the subsequent government submission, tender strategy and construction stages in order to enhance the smooth progress of project works and to provide preliminary cost estimate for the consideration of the Client.

Pui Kiu Middle School - Swimming Pool

This project calls for the renovation of existing swimming pool by addition of cover and sitting out area for the parents and students. Our company has provided full ranges of consultancy services from architectural design, building design, building surveying, structural design, fire services, electrical and mechanical, filtration and heat pumps, plant rooms, tender to construction supervision. One of the design criteria is to meet the limited construction space requirement and to design with due care for the adjacent existing L-shape retaining wall on the sloping ground. All Building Regulations and Geotechnical requirements have to be observed particularly the fire fighting and handicapping facilities that increase the challenges particularly the available space for the swimming pool is extremely limited. Apart from the swimming pool there are sitting out areas and other associated activities that supporting the school or parents arranging their activities all within the premises.

Tai Po Old Market Public School (Plover Cove) –
Provision of Swimming Pool

This project calls for the addition of an indoor swimming pool to the existing Tai Po Old Market Public School (Plover Cove). One of the big challenges of this project is whilst the additional of the swimming pool the functional area of the school will not be jeopardised in the end. The operation of the school shall be maintained at all time while the construction programme is compacted to 6 month in order the swimming pool can be open for the new terms of the school. All Building Regulations have to be observed particularly the fire fighting and handicapping facilities that increase the challenges particularly the available space for the swimming pool is extremely limited. The building itself comprises of two parts, namely the main swimming pool building which is sheltered by long span structural steel; and the ancillary building which is of reinforced concrete structure accommodating the changing rooms, toilets and machine rooms. The principal building is basically covered by glazing that can create a pleasing appearance. Apart from the swimming pool there are functions rooms for other associated activities that supporting the school or parents arranging their activities all within the premises.

Clear Water Bay Country Club - Passenger Lift

The provision of the passenger lift is to enhance the circulation within the club house between ground floor main lobby and the lower ground floor swimming pool particularly for the elderly, handicapped and infant. We have carried out a detailed investigation on the selection of the location of the lift in view of its usage, circulation, appearance, ease of construction, etc. The final location can provide the Club with the facilities which is functional, cost-effective and within the budget of the Club. The works to be carried out comprise the construction of a passenger lift, lift shaft, supporting structures, covered walkway connecting lift to lower ground lobby, diversion of drainage and sewerage and manholes, ancillary structures and reinstatement works. All our designs have to ensure the operation of the club will not be disrupted while all the Building Regulations have to be met and Highways Department Structural Design Manual has to be followed.

Clear Water Bay Country Club - Halfway House

This is a design and build assignment. The Halfway House is a nice pleasant cottage for the golfers taking a small break to have a rest while enjoying the scene of the golf course. Our design included a sitting out area, water bar, toilets, etc. The appearance of the Halfway House is of stone pebble that brought up the country style of the cottage. The design has to go through procedures under Building Ordinance while the construction is already going ahead. Our design together with the construction was completed as scheduled.

Improvement of Air Conditioning System at Arrival & Departure Halls of Hung Hom Station

At Hung Hom Station, as a result of the improvement of air conditioning, two machine rooms and a transformer room together with ducting modification are required. The two machine rooms are located within the building supported on suspended slabs. The structural checking to the existing elements has to be carried out to see whether they have sufficient capacity to carry the additional loading. All existing records have to be searched. Special requirements from Fire Services Department on the machine rooms and transformer room have to be observed.

Tai Po Tsung Tsai Yuen Development

This assignment is to re-develop the existing premises into a group of prestige luxury apartments. Our study includes traffic impact assessment, highway and geotechnical design, environmental studies, land exchange, etc. A part of the development encroaches onto the Conservation Area of Country Park and close liaison with Agricultural and Fishery Conservation Department has been established. Section 16 application is to be made and we also act as the Project Manager for the development starting from master layout, land exchange, various kinds of studies to final architectural design.

Footbridge Link Connecting Manhattan Hill, Mei Foo, Mei Foo Bus Terminus and Mei Foo Station

We are the Designer responsible for the detailed structural, geotechnical and drainage design for the footbridge link connecting Manhanttan Hill, Mei Foo Bus Terminus and Mei Foo MTR Station. The overall length of the footbridge is about 360m, comprising 8 individual structural steel trusses with spans varying from 30 to 50m. Two of the trusses are of the Vierendeel type and the remaining six are of the Warren type. The trusses are supported on individual reinforced concrete piers, pile caps and mini-pile foundation. The design has to overcome constraints due to close proximity of the MTRC tunnels, a large diameter water main, underground utilities and traffic diversion. In addition, we have provided designs for the temporary works in the complicated urban area with congested utilities works in the safe, functional and cost-effective manner.

Renovation of 3 Macdonnell Road

We were responsible for the conceptual design for the renovation of 3 Macdonnell Road. The existing premises are of a traditional style and are being rental. We were appointed to review the overall layout of the lobby area and the public area and internal decoration of each unit. We have introduced different options of improvement including the Japanese landscaping style including sunken barbecue area, fish ponds, wooden fence barrier, etc or western style like yuga area to soften the surrounding.