Mannings (Asia) Consultants Ltd

Mannings have extensive experience in dealing with different kinds of ground conditions including soft ground, rock treatment, etc. Our services cover ground investigation, rock mapping, natural terrain hazard assessment, slope analysis, ground treatment, excavation and lateral system, etc.

Reconstruction & Improvement of Tuen Mun Road, Sam Shing Hui Section

As Designer for 19 numbers of Reinforced Earth Wall Design and Reinforced Concrete Retaining Wall Geotechnical Submission to GEO for approval. Undertaking planning of ground investigation and laboratory testing, stability assessment for soil and rock slopes in related the construction of the retaining structures. Carrying out site review during construction.


TKO Stage I Landfill Site Seawall Stability Study

In this assignment we have undertaken the seawall stability analysis across numerous critical areas including bridges abutments. We had simulated the performance of the soft marine mud underneath the seawall and the landfill material behind the seawall. We had proposed cost-effective construction measures to mitigate the impact and well accepted by GEO.


Jockey Club Kau Sai Chau 3rd Golf Course

We have successfully undertaken the duties of the Geotechnical Engineer and the Geologist for Jockey Club Kau Sai Chau responsible for the design for all the rock and soil slopes for the 3rd Golf Course. There are over 100 slopes to be assessed and we are also responsible for the preparation of the slope maintenance manual for GEO acceptance.


Discovery Bay Site Formation

In this large scale site formation project, we are appointed to undertake the Boulder Survey, in which over 300 boulders have been investigated and their respectively stability have been assessed. We have proposed cost-effective protective measures such that the works can be completed on time. We have also carried out rock mapping for the exposed rock surface after formation including stabilization measures such as rock dowels, dentition, etc.


Plover Cove Reservoir Dam Stability Analysis

We were responsible for checking the stability of the reservoir dam which was built constructed on dredged seabed to determine if it could resist the loading from heavy construction plant. We have checked different scenarios of tidal levels and determined the stability of the dam through the base.


Excavation & Lateral Support System for the Subway System underneath Kwai Fuk Road Roundabout

We are appointed to undertake the design of the complicated excavation and lateral support system for over 5m deep excavation for the construction of the subway system. The support systems include conventional sheet piles, pipe piles or a combination of them. Associated designs include the grouting design to control the design water table and utilities and drainage diversion and temporary supports.


Tunnel Design at Tonkin Street by Heading Method

We undertook this challenging tunnel design by using heading method. The tunnel is 50m along the Tonkin Street nullah for the laying of watermains. The water table at the area is extremely high and different grouting methods have been used in order to control the ground water seepage. We eventually successfully sealed off the water leakage and the tunnel was completed ahead of the programme.


Delivery of Reclamation Materials to Mainland China

We have carried out the design checking of vertical seawalls stability for TKO137 and TM38. The existing tipping halls are to be modified to cope with the berthing of larger vessels for delivery of 10 million tonnes of C&D material to Mainland China. We have carried out a detailed checking on the stability of the seawall blocks and the overall stability passing through the seabed stratum under the new arrangement.


Macau Venetian Cotai Development

We are responsible for the stability assessment of a temporary excavation and lateral support system that passes through a 20m thick marine mud layer. The performance of the existing mud layer of this assignment is believed to be similar to those in the Venetian Cotai Development.