Mannings (Asia) Consultants Ltd

Mannings have an excellent record of study and design of drainage systems for low lying areas such as Pak Heung, Kam Tin basin. In additional, we have abundant experience in carrying out Drainage Impact Assessment for infrastructure projects, local developments and village houses projects.

DIA for Tseung Kwan O Stage I Landfill Study

We are appointed to assess the drainage impact on hydraulic performance of Eastern Channel at Tseung Kwan O for the design and construction of 2 number 70m span footbridges across the channel at both the operational and construction stages. Drainage impact to the landfill site and adjacent TKO Town Centre has been carefully evaluated with different return periods in our hydraulic models.

DIA for Upgrading of Remaining Sections of Kam Tin Road & Lam Kam Road

We are responsible for the drainage impact assessment for the local areas as a result of the upgrading of the remaining sections of Kam Tin Road and Lam Kam Road. The study area involves the low lying Kam Tin Basin and the newly formed Kam Tin Channel. Pavement drainage will also be checked and improved following the upgrading of the roads.

Small Villages Houses Application at Lot Nos. 2305, 2306, 2308RP and 2154, 2154B, 2160, 2162A, 2162B and 2163 in D.D. 104, Yuen Long, N.T. – Drainage Impact Assessment for Section 16 Application

We are appointed to undertake the drainage impact assessment for village houses development which is located at Pak Heung, a low lying area in New Territories. In the assessment, we have to review the overall catchment areas and then modify the runoff as a result of the development. New drainage system is proposed to collect the anticipated runoff and then discharge to the nearby channels. Backwater analysis has been carried out to take into account of the tidal effect, etc.


Swire Properties Ltd - Taikoo Shing Re-lining of Air-conditioning Seawater Cooling System

We undertake the review and the design of the rehabilitation of the submerged seawater cooling system formed by a 200m long twin box with individual cell of 1.2m x 1.2m for the air-conditioning of Taikoo Shing. The main constraints are the time allowed for the rehabilitation works limiting from midnight to 6 o’clock in the morning in a discrete manner. We have reviewed a wide variety of latest technology available in the market and successfully designed a system that is able to meet the requirement.


Kau Sai Chau - 3rd Golf Course

We are responsible for the design of a comprehensive surface drainage system for over 5km2 comprises desalination, discharging and irrigation systems to serve vast flat golf course area. Site formation contour profile has been studied ensuring drainage flow to local collection points.


Sai Kung, Sha Ha Diversion Culvert for DSD Contract

We undertake to investigate the feasibility for a triple 3.2m diameter pipe culvert system of 280m in length which, when completed, will serve to collect and discharge surface run-off of 127m3/sec from existing upstream drainage systems to the low-lying outfall. A full model hydraulic analysis has been established including outfall boundary, upstream surcharge, etc. Different scenarios of tidal return and rainfall return have been used to test the feasibility of the system.


HIT Site Formation Drainage Design for additional Kwai Chung Container Terminal

We are appointed to design an area of 3km2 drainage and road contour by carefully review the container arrangement against the drainage flow and collection points including design checking to collect to existing drainage networks with pipes size up to 1200mm diameter and existing 2-cell box culvert.


Drainage Improvement Works in Ping Kong

We are responsible for carrying out Temporary Drainage Management Plan in different stages construction with hydraulic analysis for working in 2km length nullah and grassland in Fanling and Ping Kong and various temporary drainage diversion pipe sizes are evaluated for both dry and wet season.


Drainage Improvement Works in Lung Yeuk Tau, Kwan Tei South and Leung Tsai, Fanling

We are appointed to carry out interim flood protection measures for 5 Channels construction and including flooding risk analysis, staging channel construction proposal for drainage diversion to meet tight programme with due concerns on limited space and road width, scattered houses, resident’s and local parties’ concerns.


Drainage Improvement Works in Sai Kung

We have carried out an assessment of the hydraulic impact to the nearby rivers and drainage channels at Nam Pin Wai, Ho Chung and Sha Ha as a result of the construction. Proposal of slope cutting and concrete blocks to provide adequate drainage capacity for 1 in 20 years return period.


DIA for Section 16 application of open storage usage at Fanling Lung Yeuk Tau

We are appointed to undertake the drainage impact and mitigation measures for public’s consideration for the proposed 5000m2 area usage by converting the original farmland drainage use to open storage drainage usage.